This is a simple tool for buying bitcoins via credit card. We provide low-cost, instant bitcoins without the hassles of traditional verification.


Payments are sent through a PCI compliant card processor so your credit card information is never stored on our server.


Verification happens immediately by connecting a reputable LocalBitcoins, BTCJam, or Bitcoin-OTC account. Aside from normal Bitcoin network delays, bitcoins are transferred to your wallet instantly.

Low Fees

Our pricing is simple: average market rate × 5.0%. The margin helps us cover card processor fees and server costs. average market rate is sourced from the following exchanges: bitstamp, bitpay, gemini, coinbase, bitfinex.

Currently this service is only available for high-volume LocalBitcoins, BTCJam, and Bitcoin-OTC users. We will be adding more verification methods soon!

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